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Some of My Praise & Worship Poems

I use my gift of poetry to give Him Praise many times and I thought I'd post some of my 'spiritual poems' as well, because they have really been helping me through all this, dealing with my son being at BCT and missing him so much, the strong possibility that he's going to Iraq in January, and wondering if I have the strength needed to be a Military Mom...and these really do help me get through the rough times...especially on top of my worseing health problems.
I hope they are a blessing to all who read.


Quench My Thristy Soul

Stand me in the falling rain,
Let moisture take its toll,
Like a vessel fill me up,
Quench my thirsty soul.

Lead me into waters deep,
Baptize me with Your flood.
Remind me of Your sacrafice,
In my place, with Your blood.

Let the tears that fall from me,
Everytime I've cried,
Bring to mind that just for me,
Upon the cross You died.

Shower me in cascading light,
When hoovering clouds embark.
Let the glow of Your unfailing love,
Lead me from the dark.

Bathe me in Your glory,
When I am feeling less than whole.
Lord when I am parched and arid,
Quench my thirsty soul!

©Cathy Faist 2003

My Saving Grace

When all of life looks lost,
And unbearably hard to face,
I turn my thoughts upward,
And summon my Saving Grace.

In just a whisper of my voice,
I speak to Him my prayer.
Though I don't hear an answer,
I can sense that He is there.

A burden lifts off my shoulders,
As I give up what weighs me down.
My heart and soul feel lighter,
Just knowing He is around.

The worries that I had,
Are gone without a trace.
Because I gave it up to Him,
My Lord, my saving Grace.

©Cathy Faist 2003

Never Alone

In this world,
Of broken dreams.
Where all is never,
As it seems.

I look for peace,
And love thats true...
Never realizing,
I had it with You.

I search for miles,
Going the wrong way.
I look in the darkness,
For a brighter day.

I reach for a friend,
Who's never there.
And bare my soul...
Just to share.

In my journey,
Of inner strength..
It seems I'll go,
To any length.

I wander around,
As if in a daze...
I think I can see You...
Through the teary haze...

And then in the silence,
I hear your voice...
"I'm always with you my CHILD,
You have made the choice."

"See you chose me once,
And thats all it takes....
I will NEVER leave you....
Alone in the wake......"

"So take MY hand...
And walk with ME...
We'll get through THIS life first...

©Cathy Faist 2003

Born Again

Like a newborn baby,
I called to Him-
A whisper of innocent voice.
In answer I felt him near to me,
"My Child, you have the choice."

Then in that moment,
I accepted Jesus,
As my Saviour, my Guiding Light.
Plunged into the cleansing waters-
I was Born Again that night.

©Cathy Faist 2003

The One Constant In My Life

When times are very rough,
And I'm feeling all the strife.
I need only look in my heart,
To The One Constant In My Life.

He is always at my side,
Even when I slip and fall.
He picks me up and carries me,
And sees me through it all.

Many times I've turned my back,
Too wrapped up in pain and sin.
But His arms are always open to me,
And He encompasses me within'.

He knows all of my dreams,
And all my deepest fears.
He takes His hand so gently,
And wipes away my tears.

The days I'm at my weakest,
And handling it is too hard.
He takes my pain as His,
And places it in His scars.

The wounds He bore at Calvary,
Were inflicted for me and you.
He is The One Constant In My Life,
Never a love more true.

©Cathy Faist 2003

He Promised Me

He promised me,
In blood it was spoken.
He would always be there,
To fix me when I am broken.

To take my pain,
From within my heart.
To erase my sins,
Allowing me a fresh start.

Easing my worries,
When burdens become too much.
Slowing me down,
When I try to rush.

Comforting me gently,
When I am grieving.
Showing me truth,
When I have trouble believing.

Strengthening my faith,
When it becomes weak.
Leading the way,
To guide as I seek.

He promised me,
He would always be around.
Not once in my life,
Has He let me down.

©Cathy Faist 2003

Because I Gave It Up To Him!

There's no more weight upon my shoulders,
This longer grim,
My worried mind rests easy now,
Because I gave it up to Him!

It pulled me down and held me back,
I thought it had me beat,
until the moment I let it go,
And layed it at His feet.

My heart, it was much lighter,
My soul was new and clean.
I put my Faith in what I feel,
And let Him intervene.

Now when I look, unto the future,
I see in a different light.
Because I gave it up to Him,
Heaven in now in my sight.

It wasn't all that hard to do,
In fact, I did it with repose.
I knew that it was long past time,
To walk this path I've chose.

Now I walk it not alone,
But with Jesus at my side.
Because I gave it up to Him,
He is now my lifelong guide.

©Cathy Faist 2003

In God's Garden

He plants us,
each little seedling,
in neat, orderly rows.

He tends to us,
with quenching rains
and warming sun.

We grow sturdy roots,
embedding ourselves firmly
in His Garden.

We blossom into beautiful flowers,
with faithful fragrance
of His Grace.

Weeds grow among us,

But He teaches us,
to see potential beauty,
in even a simple dandilion,
or thatch of crab grass.

For with the right nourishment,
the right touch
of tender care,
even the weeds can blossom,
into breathtaking roses-

In God's Garden.

©Cathy Faist 2003


The crowds hustled past him,
This lost soul, down on his luck.
He wandered around the city streets,
Hoping to make a buck.

Joe spent his nights in a shelter,
During the day he searched for work,
Seeing homeless people in boxes,
And in alleys where they would lurk.

He prayed he wouldn't end up like that,
His pride took such a strong hold.
The dreams of making something of his life,
Seemed to be growing old.

Then he watched a man, with long brown hair,
And the gentlest eyes he'd ever seen,
Place the morning edition, in the corner trash,
And waited for the light to turn green.

Reaching into the trashcan,
Joe pulled out the Daily News.
Though he checked for employment every day,
He knew he had nothing to lose.

Scanning the "Help Wanted" section,
Like many times before,
His eyes were suddenly startled by one,
And he read the ad once more.

It read, "Joe, this ones for you,
Since you too, are a carpenter by trade.
Reply at the address below,
For I heard you, when you prayed."

Joe couldn't believe his eyes,
And looked in the crowd waiting at the light.
But the man who threw out the paper,
Was simply nowhere in sight.

©Cathy Faist 2001

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