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Debby Horner

Our dear friend Billy

We have a very special friend - Billy in St. Pete, FL. Many of you have heard us talk about "Little Billy" and the battles he has fought against cancer during his young life. Many of you helped us with our surprise Christmas gift to Billy and his family a few years ago - and some of you took part in our surprise visit during one of our FL concerts where we got the opportunity to introduce Billy to his bone marrow donor in person! That was something we will NEVER forget! All this being said - we have a wonderful praise report from Billy's father today. I could hardly read it to Eric for the tears. God has his hand all over this young man - without a doubt! Billy had another lengthening surgery on his leg this week and after the surgery the following happened...

.........after Billy's surgery was over yesterday, Billy's surgeon (Dr. Letson) spoke with us and told us that :
"Billy is now considered CURED of cancer, and that he is so very proud to be able to tell us after all we've been through and been witness to." he went on to say:
"Billy is the ONLY child on record to survive, and keep his life and leg after suffering a major infection of a total femur replacement."
Dr. Letson was in tears as he spoke, and is so proud of Billy and his "never give in" attitude. He said, "it was extra special to know Billy as Billy, and not just his patient". Billy had put one of his school photo's in an envelope for us to give Dr. Letson when the surgery was over. We did, and on the back of the photo Billy wrote:

"Thank you Dr. Letson, Friend; for being there for me." and below that in parentheses was,"You know what I mean".

Dr. Letson's eyes again swelled up with tears, as he gave us a hug and walked away..........

I hope this touches you as much as it did Eric and I. We are so blessed to have the honor of sharing a small part of young Billy's life the last 4 years. We love you Bill, Alicia & Billy!

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