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Eric is a gifted!

I announced the Crestline, Ca,. Jamboree Days this year (yes, this is the event that I tried to get Eric out to but it did not work out-  I am going to approach the management of nearby Lake Arrowhead Village which has hosted summer concerts and has a stage for concerts about getting Eric there) and I played Eric's music and some other patroitic music as it was the Fourth of July. A man came up to me and thanked me for the music I was playing as his son was in the military.  I played about three or four of Eric's songs, so he was prominately featured.  Eric has a gift and it is great that he is devoting himself to honoring our military, God and our country.  God Bless You, Eric!  And I hope to eventually get you out here.  The Lake Arrowhead Village people have a little more money.  I hope to be able to see you perform in Lake Arrowhead.  And Lake Arrowhead still has a fireworks show over the lake!  The fireworks show over Lake Gregory in Crestline has been cancelled because of the cost.

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