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Eric & Debby - Thank You!

I am one who attended your concert for the Beirut families at the church in Jacksonville, NC with my family. I never in my life felt so many emotions as I did that night. We stayed an extra night just to see that concert and we were not disappointed. The entire family loved it. Eric, you were pure perfection. Debby, you were so nice and helpful when my husband decided to buy Eric's entire package. Thank you so much for all that you both do for the vets and for the Beirut Memorial. It is much appreciated.

I have to tell you this because it's kind of funny. At that church concert, my daughter asked Eric for a picture and when he asked her if she wanted to be in it, she put me in it. Afterward, I told her that he smelled good. So when the concert was over and people were filing out, I hugged Eric and thanked him for all he does. My daughter then hugged him ( because I told her he smelled good) around the waist. She says that he is one tall man and couldn't reach up as far as the neck. I just thought it was funny.

Anyway, I listen to your CD's all the time. Though some songs bring sadness, I feel uplifted through your work.

Thank you so much.

Debby Horner

Thank you for your kind words Lynn.  As you know - the Beirut Memorial is very close to my heart!  Tell your daughter that I think Eric smells good too!  He uses Vera Wang Cologne and I love it!  God bless you!

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