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Billy's Dad

All of them............

Your Music has 'brought me back from the brink' on more than one occasion. But I am 'partial' to one of your songs that has a Special place in my Heart......
No Need Lookin' Back
.....after a 5 year battle with Cancer, this is exactly how Billy feels now. Thank you Eric, Deb, and 'the Band'.


OH, I totally agree!!! Well, from the ones I've heard so far! lol
I'm listening to some right now on iTunes.
I do REALLY love 'God Bless My Soldier Too' & 'Here's To You'

AS son as we have funds back after the $$$ trip for our son's Graduation at Ft. Benning on Nov. 9'th...I plan on ordering a few of his CDs!! But for now, I've bought several on iTunes to hold me over! lol

Debby Horner

People may think I am prejudice - but I love all of them! I want to listen to music that makes me think, that tells me a story and touches my heart. ALL of Eric's music accomplishes that. It is amazing to watch him when he is writing a song. The words just pour out of him - sometimes - like with the song "God Bless My Soldier Too" - they come quickly - in 15 minutes or it may take him 2 days to finish a song if it is really beating him up! He is very critical of himself when he is writing a song - it has to say just the right thing and be perfect. (of course he doesn't see this)

Eric comes by his music and writing talents honestly. His mother is a wonderful poet and his grandfather was a song writer as well. Eric and his mother have produced and recorded several CD's with poems and their favorite hymns over the years. (Praise From The Heart series)

I have to vote of all of them as well!

But here are some of the best of the best:

1.  Fallen Heroes
2.  Footsteps Of A Hero
3.  We Will Stand
4.  God Bless My Solider Too
5.  Christmas In America
6.  America Bless God
7.  When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
8.  No Need Looking Back
9.  Watch Over Those Who Are Watching Over Me
10.  They Live On

Eric is an incredible performer who has a great gift for creating music that makes a difference in people's lives.

       Eric Horner Ministries Forum Index -> Favorite Song
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