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Debby Horner

A website of encouragement

This website is about a young lady that we have never met - but has been a source of encouragement to us over the last few months. Carmen and her husband Terry live across town from us. This is Carmen's story...

On Saturday, June 9th, Carmen and Terry were at Terryís motherís property outside New Orleans. Carmen was mowing. Evidently, as Carmen mowed, a chain attached to a heavy A-frame piece of equipment caught in the mower and was dragged a ways and then fell over onto Carmen. When Terry got to her she was conscious and able to communicate with him and he told her he had to leave her to get help, which he did.

The ambulance took Carmen to LSU University Hospital in New Orleans. The ambulance drivers assured Terry that it is the best place for trauma victims and he would not want her to be anywhere else, and many have confirmed that since then. There was a team of about a dozen doctors waiting for Carmen upon arrival.

On Saturday afternoon Carmen had surgery to address a punctured diaphragm and some other internal injuries. The surgeons report following surgery was that they didnít find anything that surprised them and that the surgery went well. As the evening progressed they were concerned about internal bleeding and ran some tests to look for a source but the bleeding lessoned and it doesn't seem to continue to be an issue.

Carmenís vertebra is broken at the T11-12 and is fractured at T7 if I understood Terry correctly. Sometime this week as her body recovers more from the trauma, she will have surgery to re-align the vertebra and insert a rod from the T7- T12. Carmenís spinal cord is severed and cannot be repaired, as we currently understand her situation.

Carmen has undergone several months of rehab to help build her strength and teach her how to deal with this new life she is facing. To follow Carmen's story - and offer prayers and support for her and Terry - visit her Caringbridge site. You will be blessed!

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