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'Another Conversation With Jesus'

Another Conversation With Jesus

Jesus? Are You still there?
(Yes, My Child, I am here.)
I'm hurting again...
(I know...I can feel it.)
Why won't my pain stop?
(You need to learn first.)
Learn what, Jesus?
(How to forgive.)
But, I am always forgiving others!
(I know. But you have forgotten one person.)
Who Lord? Tell me...who?
(The most important person.)
I...I can't think of anyone.
(Think harder, My Child. The answer is there.)
I really don't see who it could be?
(Exactly, you DON'T see.)
I'm confused, Lord.
(You need to see for yourself.)
I'm trying to understand.
(The answer is in you to find. Look deep.)
I think I DO see now, Lord.
It's me, isn't it?
(Yes, it is you. The one who needs your forgiveness most.)
Forgiveness, from myself?
(Especially from yourself.)
But why?
(Because its the most important step to healing.)
And then my pain will stop?
(It will ease, My will ease.)
Will you still be beside me?
As always, I shall be here.)
I think I can do it, Lord.
(I know you can. Look how far you have come.)
Shall we begin then, Lord?
(We already have My Child...We already have.)

©Cathy Faist 2002

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